Wedding Cake Ideas for the Contemporary Bride and Groom

Wedding days are awash with tradition. Rings, flowers, something old, a new challenge, something borrowed and something blue. But the wedding cake is a tradition that’s been given a modern twist recently.

A lot of couples still decide to have the traditional three-tiered cake covered with marzipan, white fondant icing and miniature styles of your beloved partner and groom looking at top. But now there are an entirely new breed of wedding cakes making their way into popularity.

So do you know the selections for the contemporary couple? Here is a guide to the stunning plethora of cakes available for your big day.

The Cupcake Tower

The name says everything. The cupcake has come quite definitely into vogue recently and it’s really wonder the buzz has moved in to the arena of the wedding cake. These towers look fantastic, and as the tower has already been divided up into individual portions there isn’t any have to cut and distribute the cakes between guests.

There is usually a large various cakes manufactured in approaches to suit everyone’s taste, when it comes to flavour and filling. From red velvet to chocolate fondant cupcakes, the bride to be and groom can pick what they have to want which enable it to also have a large collection of different flavours should they so desire.

Cupcakes can also be a powerful way to accommodate for guests with intolerances and/or allergies, as nut-free, gluten-free and dairy-free cakes might be specially made and marked for those who have particular dietary needs.

The Character Cake

For individuals with interests in the specific field, and people who wish to represent an unique aspect of their relationship, maybe the character cake is good for you. If there is a specific artist, musician or celebrity which has meaning to you personally or perhaps a shared passion that they’d love to be section of your special day, you’ll be able to incorporate this to your wedding cake.

For instance, David Bowie fanatics might be tempted to have a very David Bowie cake specially made for them, or even a happy couple who both are employed in architecture may wish to use a specific building recreated, like the leaning tower. Be aware that such a cake might be very expensive according to the design, and for that reason can be a luxury. And whatever you do, be sure it’s in good taste…

Tiered Layers of the Finest Cheeses

Some couples now often opt not to use a wedding ‘cake’ in any way, not only a sweet one anyway. Those couples that do not have a very sweet tooth often tend to use a wedding cake that is made up of many layers of the most useful cheeses. With layers of cheddar, stilton and lancashire cheese topped with layers of softer cheeses like brie and camembert.

This sort of ‘wedding cake’ will be very striking when encompassed by fruits and flowers and is the ideal alternative for all those brides and grooms that will not like sweet cakes.

Weird and Wacky

Some people want something completely off the wall for their big event, a cake that men and women will discuss for the rest of their lives. Some particular designs have included:

A full-size style of your beloved partner

A tiered cake which put into separate platforms featuring your beloved partner and groom engaged in the gunfight with each other

A cake that has a tank for your fish included in it

A four pixelated Mario Bros featured cake

A label of being married dress, full of the living bride inside

The above options are obviously extreme examples. But if you have the amount of money to invest, why not purchase a thing that will likely be memorable. If there will be something both the bride and groom acknowledge, then you may at the same time get a cake that will make people remember your special day. So do pursuit, research prices and sure you can find the ideal cake for your big event.